Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce
"Building Healthy Organizations" 

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

The $1.7 Million Dollar NSP Initiative will serve as a conduit to facilitate the significant undertaking to redevelop portions of East Springfield, Illinois. The Springfield Project , together with the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce, and a consortium of businesses, organizations, churches, and individual partners, will lead a multi-pronged approach of demolition, land banking, rehabilitation, and new construction which will represent the process of a renewed, redeveloped neighborhood in East Springfield.

The NSP initiative provides an essential opportunity to rid portions of East Springfield of vacant lots, crumbling houses, deteriorated buildings, occupancy prohibited signs, and other negative influences which accompany these housing conditions.

The redevelopment strategy will be approached on several fronts by clearing blighted areas, developing vacant property, increasing home ownership, offering programs to increase minority-owned businesses, creating job-training programs, and reducing minority unemployment Collectively, the outcomes of these strategies will place the East Springfield community on a road to long-term stabilization.