Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce
"Building Healthy Organizations" 

Quantum Growth Partnership (Q5)

The Q5 Partnership is a five-year strategic plan for economic growth in the greater Springfield area.

Q5 Goals:

  1. Retain and Create Jobs
  2. Redirect Development Policy
  3. Improve Minority Participation
  4. Develop Education and Workforce Excellence
  5. Capture and Create Emerging Ecumenic Opportunities

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The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce
Diversity Development Council 
In affiliation with
The Springfield Project and
the Springfield Black Chamber of Commerce

Partnership, Planning, Progress


Our community will recognize and develop outstanding minority talent that will boost entrepreneurial activity, increase minority wealth and enhance every aspect of business and government. Springfield and Sangamon County will be recognized for innovation in improving race relations, and will enjoy the benefits of a strong and growing minority business community.

Minority Hiring Strategy


  • Cut minority unemployment by half, to 7.5%.
  • Increase minority training for trades and professional occupations.
  • Expand the Summer Youth Initiative to reach more participants and a broader spectrum of employers.
  • Increase diversity in targeted occupations such as public safety and education.


  • Increase Summer Youth Initiative participation and expand employer list.
  • Pursue opportunities for employment among ex-offenders and juvenile offenders.
  • Create more linkages among unemployed and underemployed minority workers and employers who have vacancies to fill.
  • Increase number and size of minority job fairs.
  • Partner with local agencies to prepare job fair participants for a more successful experience at job fairs.


Growing Minority Firms


  • The percentage of local business with minority purchasing programs will increase.
  • Establish a pool of public and private money for a diversity development grant and loan program.
  • Increase the number of minority government contracts.
  • Institute joint ventures and create formal partnerships between growing and emerging, minority owned businesses and established businesses in Sangamon County.


  • Offer training for certification for minority businesses.
  • Establish a grant program for start up minority businesses.
  • Develop a catalog of minority owned businesses in the greater Springfield area.
  • Establish a loan program for established minority businesses.
  • Initiate minority purchasing programs.


East Springfield Redevelopment


  • Fifty percent of abandoned and dilapidated properties will be demolished or revitalized in East Springfield, defined as 11th Street through Dirksen Parkway and Carpenter Street through Cornell Street.
  • There will be new homes in the neighborhoods of East Springfield.
  • There will be new commercial establishments in East Springfield.
  • There will be new minority businesses in East Springfield.
  • The neighborhoods will collaborate with the city to help create a safer environment in East Springfield.
  • Secure funding for land acquisition and create renderings of redevelopment concepts.


  • Make contact with all land owners of vacant, abandoned, or dilapidated properties in East Springfield.
  • Engage the neighborhoods to finalize plans for redevelopment.
  • Develop comprehensive plans for the area.
  • Create renderings of redevelopment concepts.
  • Secure funding for land acquisition.


Minority Inclusion Strategy


  • Increase the number of minority leaders in the community.
  • Increase minority representation on community boards, councils and commissions.
  • Increase the number of minority candidates for public office.


  • Collect and review rosters of membership of community boards, councils and commissions.
  • Propose candidates as needed for the various boards, councils and commissions.
  • Recruit, solicit, and assist in training candidates for the various boards, councils and commissions.